Brun/seal girl. Reservert. 28 of July 22.

Blue bicolor girl. Stays. 28 of July 22.

Blå mitted jente, Reservert.Født 28.7.22.

Blå bicolor gutt.Født 28.7.22. Reservert.

  • Honey Pie and Quicksilvers kittens born 13 of July 22. Blue Candy stays.

  • Blue Dream. Solgt.

  • Blue Beauty. Solgt.

Litter born 28 of Oct 2021. IC NO*Fagerlis Arete JW and S*Asterions Quicksilver. No kittens available.

Joy and Jesses kittens born 22 of April 2021. Sold.

NO*Fagerlis Manhattan and IC LeChatteragdoll Jesse Pinkmans kittens born 11 of february 2020. Pedigree:;2:1454969&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

Romeo, RAG a 03, Solgt.

Victor, RAG a 03 21, Solgt.

Oscar. RAG a 03 21. Solgt.

Charlie, RAG a 03. Blir hos oss.

Juliet, RAG a 03 21, Solgt.

CH LeChatteragdoll Jesse Pinkman*Es and IC NO*Fagerlis Arete JW's kittens born 13 of february 2020. Pedigree:;2:1343122&g=9&p=rag&o=ajgrep

Bacalao, gutt, RAG a 03 21. Solgt.

Taco, gutt, RAG a 03 21. Reservert.

Tzatziki. Gutt. RAG a 03, Solgt.

Sashimi, gutt, RAG a 03 21. Solgt.

Sushi, jente, RAG a 03 21. Blir hos oss.

Roxanne and Jesse Pinkmans kittens.

  • NO*Fagerlis Pumpkin born 31 of Oct 2019. Girl. Solgt.

    Parents GIC Eulalie Roxanne and CH LeChatte ragdoll Jesse Pinkman*Es. Sold.

  • NO*Fagerlis Trick or Treat born 31 of Oct 2019. Boy. Not available.

    Both kittens RAG a 03 21.
    Might be available.

Bella and Blue Candy Boys kittens born the 3 of oct 2019. The Aristocat litter.

NO*Fagerlis Berlioze. Blue mitted boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Duchess, Seal mitted girl, not available

NO*Fagerlis O'Malley. Blue bicolor boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Toulouse. Seal mitted boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Amelia. Seal mitted girl. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Mary's Boychild, sold.

  • Kittens born the 27 of December 2018. Joy to the World, girl. Stays in cattery.

    Parents is NO*Fagerlis Manhattan and IC NL Of Moonlightdolls Madhatters Shadow. Two boys and one girl. Breeders prebooked.

  • Mary's Boychild, gutt. Sold

  • Little Drummer Boy, sold.

NO* Fagerlis Esmeralda. Reserved

This litter is from GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy and GIC Eulalie Roxanne. Born the 14 of November 2018. Four beautiful girl. No kittens available.

NO*Fagerlis Cinderella, reserved

NO*Fagerlis Anastasia. Reserved

NO*Fagerlis Jasmine. Stays with us.

Arete og Blue Candy Boy ble foreldre den 17 sept-18. <3 a=p&ids=3:1280413;2:1343122&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep
NO*Fagerlis Prosecco. Not available

NO*Fagerlis Prosecco. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Chianti Not available

NO*Fagerlis Amarone Not available

NO*Fagerlis Mies van der Rohe Not available

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Blizzard,solgt

CH NO*Fagerlis Arete og IC Jørgårdens ASurprice Ompalompa JW's kattunger født 15 jan-18. 7 uker.;2:1343122&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgr

Blå bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Tornado, solgt

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Storm, solgt

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Hurrycane, solgt

Blå bicolor jente, Blir her. NO*Fagerlis Sunshine,stays

Blå mitted gutt fra Enya og Sokrates født 21 des-17.


Blå mitted gutt.Solgt


Blå bicolor gutt.Solgt

Blå bicolor gutt.Solgt

Roxanne og Blue Candy Boy. Blå bicolor gutt. Reservert.

Born 28 oct-17. Solgt

Jenta i kullet. Blir hos forvert.

Blå gutt. Solgt

Brooklyn 8,5 weeks.

Lives with Stephan and Jessica.

NO*Fagerlis Pretty Woman. Solgt

NO*Fagerlis California Blue har flyttet til nytt hjem.